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Actors Strike

A night out with the Broadway Show Bowling League.

The Most Militant of Them All

“The Snow White Project,” Catherine Baÿ’s edgy site-specific installation, transported the character from the land of fairy tales to the meatpacking district.


open house

See what’s on the market in Astoria, Queens…
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More Good Stuff


1. Orange juice laced with anchovies. Hey, it’s good for you!

2. Ten years after Matthew Shepard’s death, has Laramie healed?

3. Having commitment problems? There might be a pill for that.

4. 2008 better not be like 2007 for Mets fans.

5. Broadway has a bowling league. I’m taking “Grease” over “Wicked.”


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Screens Blog

If someone turned a camera on you, and asked you about your clothes, do you know what you’d say?

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Paint It Black

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paint It Black

Danielle Levit


“Goth fashion,” Cintra Wilson writes, “is not just for maladjusted latchkey kids.” (No offense, maladjusted latchkey kids! We love ya.) Haute goth designs regularly appear in collections by the likes of Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui. Meanwhile, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is showing “Gothic: Dark Glamour,” a show that, Ms. Wilson writes, “unpacks the evolution of goth in fashion from its early beginnings in Victorian mourning to its most current expressions.” So put on that reinvented Victorian mourning dress and make your way to F.I.T.

You Just Can’t Kill It,” by Cintra Wilson




Go Get It, Jake. It’s Chinatown.


Dim sum? Is that some new Belgian design collective? As Ruth La Ferla reports, Chinatown has become “a magnet for real-life style seekers who can be seen on weekends casing out the string of shops scattered in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge.” And those seekers shop, oh how they shop, at spots like Leelush (for Iodice cocktail dresses), Girls Love Shoes (for black velvet YSL pumps) and Front Street (for those rare Nike SB skate shoes). Go get yourself outfitted. Rumors suggest the area has some restaurants too, but that’s unconfirmed.

General Tso’s Shopping Spree,” by Ruth La Ferla



Wait, Who’s Jim?


Being a critics’ darling can be so boring, can’t it? Apparently so: to keep himself busy Jonathan Lethem, author of some of the Brooklyniest novels in recent memory, has got himself a band, and it’s not Jim. Or rather, it’s I’m Not Jim, an alt-emo group that smacks a little bit of Nick Drake. Get in on the action as they celebrate the release of their new album, “You Are All My People,” with a free appearance at Houseworks in SoHo, tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Times Topics: Jonathan Lethem



A Man for All Films


You may not have heard of Pierre Rissient, but next time you’re at the Cannes Film Festival, ask anyone and they’ll vouch for the guy. A. O. Scott calls him “a critic, a distributor, a publicist, a producer, a filmmaker and an all-purpose ambassador for American, Asian and many other films.” Mr. Rissient is also the subject of “Man of Cinema,” a documentary by Todd McCarthy that will be shown tonight at the MoMA. The film begins at 6:30 p.m. but stick around: it will be followed by tinted prints of two short silent films, “Hell’s Hinges” and “Mothering Heart,” that are favorites of the many-hatted Mr. Rissient.

The Week Ahead



A Towering Program


Cassatt Quartet, an all-female foursome that James R. Oestreich has praised for its “imaginatively packaged concerts,” will perform at Symphony Space tonight. They’re celebrating the 70th birthday of the influential American composer Joan Tower and what Vivien Schweitzer calls Mr. Tower’s “richly textured and rhythmically vibrant music” with a lineup that includes a world premiere. Go help blow out the candles.

The Week Ahead



Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 18, 2008 a 2:49 pm

Publicado en Titulares de Noticias


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