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Politics: Obama and McCain Weigh In on Wall St. Turmoil a {color:#004276;text-decoration:none;}

The Caucus

With 50 days before Election Day, the disturbance in the markets was causing waves in the presidential race.

Both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have benefited from hefty contributions from the financial services sector that is in turmoil right now.


The effect of Hurricane Ike on oil production adds even more heft to the debate in Congress over offshore drilling and the parties’ energy priorities.

Since 1951, when candidates were barred from winning more than two presidential elections, five nominees have sought to extend their party’s control for a third straight term. Four of them failed.

The Republican candidate shakes the hands of the drivers at a race in New Hampshire.

The service workers union begins a commercial TV buy in six states.

Coincidentally, Sarah Palin played Tina Fey for Halloween, an aide says.

Featured Articles

The campaign drew 500,000 first-time donors, crucial new supporters as the senator forgoes public financing.

In particular, the campaigns are competing for working-class white women, the group that could be especially pivotal in the hotly contested states.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s visceral style and tendency to attack critics contrast with her public image, her record shows.

In the circle of advisers close to Gov. Sarah Palin, Todd Palin is among the closest, and he plays an unpaid but central role in many aspects of her administration.

Overhauls of felony disenfranchisement laws have loosened enough in some states to make it worth the time to try to track down former felons in indigent neighborhoods.

Intentionally or not, hairstyles help answer the voters’ throw-down question: “Who does she think she is?”

Mr. Camejo was a Green Party leader who ran three times for governor of California and was Ralph Nader’s running mate in the 2004 presidential race.

Senator John McCain has drawn criticism for stretching the truth in attacking Senator Barack Obama’s positions.

Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 17, 2008 a 4:51 am

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