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Sb Announcements

1,000,000 is here!
If you’ve seen our comment ticker lately, then you’ve probably noticed that we’re about to reach 1,000,000! To celebrate our bloggers and active readership, ScienceBlogs is sponsoring a contest that grants one lucky commenter a free trip to New York City, including dinner with his or her favorite ScienceBlogger. Plus, many of our bloggers are hosting parties with readers across the world (see the latest updates of all parties here).

On the campaign trail
Yesterday, ScienceBlogs launched a brand new group blog that’s dedicated to following science and technology issues of the November U.S. presidential election. Check out A Vote For Science.

Sb News of the Week

McCain Enters Science Debate 2008
As the U.S. presidential election pulls into the final stretch, Republican candidate John McCain has answered the 14 questions posed by the ScienceDebate 2008 team. Organized this spring, ScienceDebate 2008 is the project of 38,000 scientists, politicians and business leaders who initially proposed a televised presidential debate focused on science and technology issues. Their website now features a side-by-side comparison of responses from Obama and McCain.

Large Hadron Collider Launches
Last Wednesday, the Large Hadron Collider, the largest, most expensive science experiment ever created, succesfully shot its first beam of protons around a 17-mile track. Scientists hope the machine will allow them to find the elusive, mass-conferring “God particle”: the Higgs boson. Finding the Higgs (or not finding it) would change our understanding of the most fundamental aspects of physics.

U.S. May Lose Control of Space Station
The International Space Station (ISS), while something of a technical achievement, has not produced even a fraction of the scientific discoveries that space telescopes like the Hubble have at much lower costs. An email by NASA administrator Mike Griffin, recently leaked to the Orlando Sentinel, suggested that with the shuttle program on the ropes, U.S. control of the ISS could be in jeopardy.

Sb Photos of the Week

On Thursday, the Zoological Society of London revealed this rare photograph of wild okapi. While the okapi—a close relative of the giraffe—was previously believed to be almost wiped out by civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, some speculate that wild okapi populations may be better off than previously thought.

Ocean view from Jamaica, as featured on our Environment channel

Sb Research Blogging of the Week

Dancing Bees
Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science explains a surprising reason for honeybees complex dances: predator avoidance. The “Mexican Wave” dances are not only effective, but energetically cheap and risk-free.

The Downside of Genome-Wide Scans
“Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on genome-wide association studies, most of the genetic variance in risk for common diseases remains undiscovered,” says Dan MacArthur of Genetic Future. He goes on to say that the technological problems with this method will soon be solved. “Barring global catastrophe, within the lifetimes of most of those reading this post we will have a near-complete catalogue of the genetic variants influencing the risk of most of the common diseases that plague the industrialised world,” he says.

Sb Soundbytes

“Journalists in general have at best a few dozen of these pigeonholes into which to force every news story, and science is no exception.” –Evolving Thoughts

“In my estimation the biggest health risk posed by cell phones is that they shift the attention of the maniac driver shifting across four lanes of freeway without signaling.” –Adventures in Ethics and Science


Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 17, 2008 a 4:44 am


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