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The 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate, plans to marry the father, according to the campaign.

Senator John McCain called a halt to all but the most essential activities for the Republican convention.


The hurricane’s approach recalled failings of the Bush presidency just as John McCain’s big moment arrived.

Some television networks reassigned many of their stars to a story that they believed had greater news potential than the convention — Hurricane Gustav.

John McCain enters this year’s Republican convention with the enthusiastic support of nearly 9 in 10 delegates.

The weekend offered Barack Obama and Joe Biden one of their first opportunities to spend an extended period of time settling into their new marriage.

Gov. Sarah Palin owes her selection as Senator John McCain’s running mate in part to an irresistible slogan: the Bridge to Nowhere.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s advisers said they expected she would focus her efforts especially on working women in swing states where she ran strong.

Up against the popularity of Senator Barack Obama and the unpopularity of President Bush, Senator John McCain faced pressure to roll the dice with his choice of a running mate.

The Carpetbagger promised his editorial betters that the state fair would be rich with political content and implications for the Republican convention that will be called to order today.

“Today’s not a day for political speeches. I hope you’ll forgive me. I hope you don’t mind,” Barack Obama said at a Labor Day rally in Detroit.

Citing the hurricane, the Democratic vice presidential nominee says he’s not sure about later events today.

The Republican candidate defends choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, despite fairly widespread criticisms that she has no foreign policy experience.

Republicans apparently did not receive the memo about being down-mouthed and worried after the Democrat’s remarkable week in Denver.

The Democrat says his campaign’s e-mail list should provide support — either in funds or volunteers to help victims of Gustav.

The entire schedule of the convention in St. Paul is up in the air now as Hurricane Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast.

On the Convention

The McCain campaign has seized opportunities presented by the storm without appearing to be acting politically.

Unity Deferred

Sarah Palin’s selection unleashes gender as a live issue again, just when Democrats thought they had it under control.


John Harwood of The New York Times and CNBC looks back at Republican conventions in the modern era. With video.

The fourth Republican convention for the Longs may be the most somber with Hurricane Gustav threatening New Orleans and their home state.

On the eve of the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Hurricane Gustav’s progress toward the Gulf Coast changed convention plans.

Campaign Countdown

Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 12, 2008 a 3:44 pm

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