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Politics: Obama Plans Sharper Tone as Party Frets

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Senator Barack Obama is planning more forceful attacks as he confronts an invigorated G.O.P. ticket.

Sarah Palin said she agreed to John McCain’s offer without hesitation, perhaps her most confident answer in an interview that was at times tense and probing.


Gov. Sarah Palin’s talking points flowed out a little too much by rote to satisfy her interviewer that she was giving his questions serious consideration.

Suspending political combat, John McCain and Barack Obama made joint visits to ground zero and a forum on public service.

While they could provide fodder for Republican attacks, some Obama aides say Joe Biden’s occasional stumbles prove to voters that he is human.

As energy and the economy consume the political discourse, health care is an issue that can seem to vacillate in importance by the day.

The conservative commentator will interview Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin next week, the Fox News Channel announced Friday.

On a Friday, the Obama campaign posts the tax returns for the last 10 years of the Democrats’ vice-presidential nominee.

Will Tina Fey play Governor Palin on Saturday Night Live?

A dozen women of West African descent who work at a hair salon next to the State Office Building in Harlem came to see the senator.

Hot out of their plastic molds come a series of Sarah Palin Action Figures, capturing various sides of the vice-presidential nominee.

As her son prepared to leave for Iraq, the vice-presidential candidate linked the mission there to Sept. 11.

In her first extensive news interview, the new vice-presidential nominee seemed blindsided by a question about the Bush doctrine.

A reference to a controversial earmark project falls from a candidate’s speech.

The Living Room Candidate, produced by the Museum of the Moving Image, is a site that provides an impartial and lingering look at political ads dating from 1952 to the present.


Detailed maps, state profiles, campaign finance reports, poll analysis, where the candidates stand on issues, candidates’ schedules and more.

Campaign Countdown

  • 14 days until the first presidential debate
  • 52 days until Election Day


Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 12, 2008 a 9:47 pm

Publicado en Titulares de Noticias


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