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Paulo, this is your Newspulse update for Friday, 12 September 2008

A day of tears … moving memorial services have been held in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington and political rivalry was put aside to honour the victims of the 9/11 attacks seven years on / AP
Gallery 9/11 remembered | Gallery Rebuilding Ground Zero| More

Battlelines drawn on leadership

A LIBERAL leadership spill is possible in days with a Turnbull-Abbott “dream team” mooted.

Green Awards

Vote now
Have your say on the finalists in the Greenies.

Ski Season Special

Still time for spring skiing
Catch up on all the latest snow report and news at

National News

More National News News


Premier’s ‘gift’ for Murray-Darling

QUEENSLAND has released allocations for almost 11 billion litres of water to the Murray-Darling system in a “historic measure”.

World News

More World News News


14 hurt in Channel Tunnel fire

FOURTEEN people are in hospital and hundreds stranded after a fire broke out on a train in the Channel Tunnel linking England and France.


$1000 total value every month plus 1GB data for mobile internet & email

Fox Sports

  More Fox Sports News


Ponting will fail: India’s Borde

FORMER Indian captain Chandu Borde says Ricky Ponting is doomed to failure in India again next month.


  More Entertainment News


Kylie paid $4.4m for hotel gig

KYLIE Minogue will be paid a staggering $73,000 a minute to perform at a private party for a hotel opening in the Middle East.


Find a good deal on car finance from a range of top lenders with carsguide


  More Business News


Analysts tip credit woes for NAB

BANK analysts have warned that NAB may have to take another hit of up to $1 billion on its structured credit portfolio.


More Travel News


Easy to find harbour city luxury

A PLANE ride offering gastronomic treats showed Bianca Ebdon how Sydney’s dazzling harbour can really turn on the style for visitors.



Written by Ricardo Paulo Javier

septiembre 12, 2008 a 12:07 pm

Publicado en Titulares de Noticias


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